Monday, March 12, 2012

All good now

Once I became a young adult, a childhood full of abuse turned into anger and feelings of worthlessness.  Today, I simply feel like damaged goods . . . but I’m Ok with it all now.  I’m still awesome, like an antique that simply needs restoring.  It took years, but I’ve restored myself. The worst parts of her have stopped flashing in and out.  The whips, the belts, the electrical cords, all but empty memories.  I no longer remember what they felt like.  When I think of the times being locked in the closet for hours, I only remember the darkness and quiet.  I have forgotten what I use to think about to pass the time.  I’m damaged goods, but not broken.  And definitely not worthless. 

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Fried Eggs

When I was little, my grandmother would ask us “how many eggs do you want for breakfast?”

Each one of use would always say “4!”

It never failed, she always replied “well, you’re getting 2.”

This was an every weekend thing. These are the kind of details that last a lifetime. Maybe she asked because she was raising 12 of us and was hoping one day we’d all say “I’m not that hungry grandma, I think I’ll only have 1 egg today.”

Yeah right!