Thursday, March 1, 2012

Fried Eggs

When I was little, my grandmother would ask us “how many eggs do you want for breakfast?”

Each one of use would always say “4!”

It never failed, she always replied “well, you’re getting 2.”

This was an every weekend thing. These are the kind of details that last a lifetime. Maybe she asked because she was raising 12 of us and was hoping one day we’d all say “I’m not that hungry grandma, I think I’ll only have 1 egg today.”

Yeah right!


  1. It's funny, though, the games like that you play in a family. My dad thought that extra cheese as a pizza topping was a scam for the pizza place to charge you more when you weren't getting anything extra. So whenever he asked what we wanted on the pizza my mom always led with, "Extra cheese!" And he replied, "Extra cheese does NOT exist." We never ordered anything other than peperoni, but he kept asking.

    1. HA!! I agree with your dad, extra cheese is NOT a topping.

      I can’t wait to do tings like these to my kids.
      Me: What do you guys want for dinner?
      Kid 1: Pizza
      Kid 2: McDonalds
      Kid 3: bah bah (baby speak for breast milk or bottle)
      Me: Well too bad, you’re getting leftovers.

      Maybe one day they’ll say, “well you know father, what we ate yesterday was pretty good. I think I should have some more of that today.”

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