Tuesday, March 22, 2011

NEW new year’s resolution: STOP drinking bottled water

I was on Youtube last night when I came across this video. It talks about how bottled water pollutes the earth.  Not the water itself, but the entire process of manufacturing it.  At a little over 8 minutes long, this video seems like an eternity in the world of Youtube.  But I highly recommend watching it.

I don’t really drink bottled water; but I’ll be honest, it’s not because of any environmental concerns, but because I’m too cheap to pay so much for something I can get practically free at home.  I don’t even buy water filters anymore either.

Now, unless you live in South Texas where the drinking water comes from the greatly polluted Rio Grande River (by American maquiladoras built on the Mexican side of the river), I don’t see a “need” for drinking bottled water.    
I think the only places I’ll have problems with are facilities like the University of Central Florida football stadium that were built without a single drinking water fountain and patrons are not allowed to bring in their own water. 
But other than that, I’m committed. I’m going to STOP DRINKING BOTTLED WATER!

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