Thursday, July 14, 2011

The diseased, the good, and the infertile

I took a photo inventory of the garden this weekend.  So far, everything is growing as it should.  Well, everything except for 3 things. 
Every day I find one (just ONE) roma tomato with Blossom End Rot.  At first I didn’t think much of it since roma’s are prone to this disease.  But now, I am beginning  so suspect that the plant likes to torture me by not killing all the tomatoes at once.  It likes to give me hope for the rest of the tomatoes, and then it kills one every morning.
The second thing is that I killed my cucumber plant.  It was growing so nicely and fertile until I decided to transplant it.  Despite all the literature telling me that cukes are very prone to root shock, I still went ahead and repotted the little vine.  Every day since, one leaf after another died.  I even bought a trellis for it, but neither my gifts nor sweet-talking worked.  Rest in peace little cuke!

The third troublesome spot in the garden is my RED bell pepper plant.  It’s large, green and luscious . . .  but it won’t bear any fruit.  My GREEN bell pepper plant is doing fine though.  In fact, I’ve already harvested a large pepper from it.  Both the red and green have been housed in the same area, received the same amount of water, and suffered the same heat waves.  Every blog I have read states that it’s very likely the hot nights that is keeping it from fruiting.  So I am going to bring it indoors every night for a week and see what happens.        

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