Friday, July 8, 2011

Random thoughts about dog food

My dog has been refusing her food lately.  I’m not sure if it makes her sick or if she’s simply sick of it.  But this daily discussion of dog food with my fiancée stirred up the memory of when I ate dog food as a child. I was about 12 and my grandmother, who had a knack for starving us, handed me a can of cheap dog food and told me to go feed Piraña (a named I picked out myself).    I clearly remember being so hungry that I didn’t even bother fighting the urge to eat what was in the can.  I remember exactly what it tasted like too, beans and potted meat.  I only ate 2 spoonfuls though, just enough to kill the hunger.  I knew that if I ate the entire can, my dog would then go hungry.  
Now, 2 decades later, the sight of a can of dog food reminds me of my grandmother and my dog not eating a meal makes me worry that she’s going hungry. 

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